The FOSS India Collective


The FOSS India Collective aims to be a communications network for friends,well wishers and community members of Free Culture and Free/Libre/Open Source movements, Hacker/Maker spaces, Open Standards initiatives and Full Disclosure Information Security Communities.


1) Unite: Bridge connections between Hackers, Makers, Activists, and participants in the Free/Open Source Software and Free Culture Movement.

2) Educate: Produce and distribute informational resources on Free/Open Source Software and Free Culture.

3) Empower: Provide support and guidance for people using and contributing to Free/Open Source Software.

4) Connect: Form alliances with related organizations and build coalitions with other groups working against oppression.

5) Advance: Promote the development of Free/Open Source Software and Free cultural works.

Services Provided

We provide a completely FOSS based collaborative platform which includes a wiki (media wiki),mailing lists(Mailman) and IRC Network(running Charybdis as the ircd and Atheme as the services),and project management system based on Savane.

All the software used and generated via this collaborative project will be released under various Free/Open Source/Creative Commons Licenses.

Current activities of the collective are co-ordinated via the #foss-india IRC Channel on the FOSS India IRC Network ( general network guidelines can be found on our IRC Guidelines page.