The FOSS India Collective IRC Guidelines

The FOSS India IRC Network ( is a communications network for friends,well wishers and community members of Free Culture and Free/Libre/Open Source F(L)OSS Movements, Hacker Spaces and Open Standard Initiatives and Full Disclosure Information Security Communities of India.

Our aim is to create a nice, safe chat haven for people of all ages and nationalities.

While our focus will be on India Centric Free Culture/F(L)OSS Projects, people from all cultures and nationalities are most welcome to contribute provided they remain our friends and/or well wishers and respect our culture.

People here will not be discrimiated on the basis of age,sex, nationality,religious beliefs,geo political affiliations or sexual orientation.

This Network was designed keeping in the mind the safety,privacy and peace of mind of the user community.

We support SSL on ports 6669 and 9999

Server Rules

  • No Flooding
  • No Clones
  • No Takeovers
  • No Warez
  • No Privilege Escalation
  • No DoS bots
  • No Spamming
  • No Trolling
  • By connecting to the FOSS India IRC Network you indicate that you have read and agree to adhere to our policies and procedures as per the FOSS India IRC Guidelines URL.

    We would like to remind you that unauthorized public logging of channels on the network is prohibited. Public channel logging should only take place where the channel owner(s) has requested this and users of the channel are all made aware (if you are publically logging your channel, you may wish to keep a notice in topic and perhaps as a on-join message).

    Network Usage Guidelines.

  • Respect: Don't engage in racism or hate speech. People are entitled to different opinions.
  • Appropriate: Think before you type, Is your comment appropriate ?, Is it possible someone may misinterpret what you're saying in jest as hateful speech ?
  • Keep it on topic: Personal attacks, trolling/baiting or flooding (posting multiple repetitive lines or large amounts of code) of the channel will not be tolerated.
  • And finally: Each FOSS India Project channel exists to promote a specific aspect of FOSS development or use; more generally, they all exist to promote FOSS and software users' freedom. Use the Network in ways that support these goals.
  • Repeated Abuses will not be tolerated

  • IRC is not the exclusive playground of a few select individuals, and abusive users will be banned from channels, even offical Network channels to prevent further repeated abuse from these users.
  • Bans can be applied to a channel, or to all channels based on the severity or frequency of the abuses, at the discretion of the channel operators.
  • Before you are banned, you will often be warned by an operator first, however this is not always practical and an operator may deem it unnecessary if a user has recently been kicked or banned.
  • In an ideal world, there would be no need for IRC operators, but instead of trying to blame operators for this, blame the users who are not willing to be in our community.
  • Rules end here, but here are some helpful suggestions:
  • Getting help

  • Speak to one of the IRC operators. If an operator is unable to help you immediately, please be patient. Ask other members of the channel for help and contact details for the operator.
  • You can find a list of operators by typing /msg chanserv access #foss-india list (where #foss-india is the channel you are interested in).
  • Remember

    IRC is there for everyone, not just seasoned FOSS Developers. It is unreasonable to expect everyone to ignore a user who is misbehaving, and if you have a FOSS India member cloak, you may be reassigned an 'unaffiliated' cloak, in accordance with the FOSS India guidelines if you continue to abuse your privileges.

    Useful IRC Links

  • IRC Prelude
  • XChat Howto